About Me

Hi! My name is Rainbow and I'm a proud AIESEC alumna, diving enthusiast, wakeboarder & travel blogger. Travel is my life.

This is my travel blog. The past, present and future travels. I hope to inspire you to go to places that are less traveled. Unless otherwise stated, all photos were taken by my Nikon J1 and I. Feel free to reblog as long as you credit the photos back to me.

Current Stats:
Location: Singapore
Countries I've lived in: 7
Countries visited: 40
Cities visited: 255
Continents I have yet to conquer: Australia, South America, Antarctica

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The Treasury, Petra, Jordan.

Petra is one of my favourite attractions in Jordan. I’ve been there 2 times now and I’m amazed every time I go there. The endless narrow gorge (siq), helps building the suspense to what you’ll find at the end of it. When you reach the end of the journey through the gorge, it suddenly opens up to this gigantic structure that crafted into the wall thousands of years ago - The Treasury.

The Treasury is only one of the many temples, tombs, streets and monuments of this capital city.